Use these handy dandy catalogs and parts manuals as a reference when ordering parts. When in doubt, always use the original Innocenti part numbers as each part tends to go by 4-5 different names across the globe. This makes ordering much easier for everyone and ensures that you get the correct part. Feel free to use our library of manuals whenever you wish as you rebuild, restore, and maintain these classics for years to come.

If you cannot find an item on our website, please ask, we can special order anything you see in these pages at any time.


This is the new edition of the Casa Lambretta catalog for 2015. It is printed in English, Italian, French, and Spanish. This year marks a major change in how Vittorio prints his catalogs. These have now become more of a reference manual following the layout of the Innocenti parts book and listing every part offered for these Lambretta models. The new edition also contains every offering by Casa Lambretta, the origin of manufacter for each and every part, pricing, as well as production information, historical photos, and vintage advertisments all in 250 glorious pages.

Covers the following models: Series 1 TV 175 and Li 125-150, Series 2 TV 175 and Li 125-150, Series 3 Li 125-150, TV 175-200, Special 125-150, and SX 150-200, DL/GP 125-200, Junior 50-125, Cento, 50 DeLuxe, and 50 Special, Lui 50 C-CL and 75 S-SL, Spanish Eibar and Serveta, Tools, Accessories, Hardware, and more!


This is the previous English edition of the Casa Lambretta catalog for 2013. It also includes parts for all Series 1-3 models but use this catalog to reference parts for models prior to 1958 as Vittorio has yet to complete his extensive catalog redesign to those models as he has above. Use this as your reference for all early shaft driven models like the D and LD.

Covers the following models: 125m (A), 125 B, 125 C-LC, 125 D-LD (Mark I), 150 D-LD (Mark II), 125 LD (Mark III), and 125-150 LD (1957), 125 E-F, Lambretta 48, French 125-150 LD, and more!

Also covers but is out of date for the following models: All Series 1-3, DL/GP, Junior, Lui, Vega, and Spanish models.


Casa Performance is the tuning and upgrade branch of leading Italian scooter parts manufacturer, Casa Lambretta, run by Vittorio Tessera and this is the official Casa Performance catalog. Here you can find all the best safety and performance upgrades available for Lambretta and Vespa scooters. Casa Performance has quickly become the number-one name for aftermarket scooter products where QUALITY comes first, coupled with our unique AFTER SALES ASSISTANCE. We are set-up as the only official Casa Performance and Casa Lambretta dealer in all of North America. No other scooter parts manufacturer offers the same after-sales assistance.

We are constantly looking to upgrade and improve existing products and add exciting new items, thus ever pushing the boundaries of technology to provide you with the best range of products possible. ALL Casa Performance products are fully tested on the roads and racetracks of Europe. The full range of Casa Performance parts can be seen in the cataloge and can be ordered online.


We are proud to be the exclusive North American distributor for ALL BGM Vespa and Lambretta products. All parts of the BGM range are developed with the real needs of scooterists in mind. Each item is extensively tested, improving weak links on original designs and are made for ultimate reliability. All products are either German or MRB engineered and are produced by reputable manufacturers worldwide.

Our association with BGM and Scooter Center goes back to the very first days of our shop and our relationship continues to grow and strengthen. We receive shipments from Germany on a weekly basis and no item is unavailable for too long. If you see something out of stock or an item that does not appear in our online catalog, give us a call and we will happily special order any part you need.