BGM electronic ignition kit: Vespa VBB, GL, Sprint

BGM electronic ignition kit: Vespa VBB, GL, Sprint
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The BGM PRO ignition kit made from high quality components for a quick conversion of your Vespa to a maintenance free, high brightness and reliable ignition/alternator unit.


Conversion from contact ignition to electronic ignition

bright light already at idle speed

voltage stabilized 12 volt electrical system

maintenance-free and reliable electronic ignition

immediate start

good concentricity

lighter, balanced pole wheel

more power

better acceleration

Alternator and voltage regulator

The BGM PRO set uses a modern electrical system with voltage regulator. The alternator has a modified coil wiring and produces a high voltage already at low revs. As a result, a bright stable light is already present at idle. At high revs, the voltage regulator automatically regulates to a stable and gentle 12-13 volts. This also offers the possibility to charge a battery and/or support a USB charging socket for mobile phone, navi, etc.


The BGM Pro ignition is based on the millionfold proven CDI technology as used by Piaggio from the 1980's on. The ignition pulse is triggered contactless by a so-called pick-up signal. The high ignition current, even at low engine speeds, ensures perfect starting performance under all conditions. The contactless ignition triggering is stable well into the five-digit speed range.

Pole wheel

The pole wheels are matched to the respective application by their weight:

At 1600 grams, the small frame models are perfectly suited to the lively characteristics of the small engines.

The Large frame motors offer with 2000 grams a wonderful mixture of a lot of running culture and very good acceleration.

They are finely balanced, offer a fantastic concentricity as well as a high ignition timing accuracy and a very good magneto.

Due to the smaller circumference and the optimized wing surfaces, the engine hangs on the throttle very well and has better acceleration and slightly more power.


Vehicles without voltage regulator ex works (all up to approx. 1980) require, for a simple conversion, additionally a new vehicle wiring harness. Of course we offer this as well. It has a centralized voltage supply via only one cable to combine it with the enclosed voltage regulator.


Very nice set to convert your Vespa to a modern, reliable and powerful electrical system. All parts are permanently available as spare parts.


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