Lambretta Lifetime fuel tank: long range version

Lambretta Lifetime fuel tank: long range version
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Lambretta Lifetime Tanks are the first ever polyethylene (HDPE) fuel tank made for the Lambretta. Polyethylene (HDPE) material is extremely light weight and each tank is fully US DOT and CARB (California) compliant for impact and ethanol resistance.

Steel fuel tanks can be nice, they're tough but can suffer from interior rust, corrosion, and weld fatigue. Long range tanks especially can be difficult to fit often rubbing against the frame and causing excessive vibration. They also have a significant weight to them depending on the gauge of steel used. Fuel weighs plenty and you need a tank that is both light and strong.

Aluminum tanks are light but sacrifice strength for weight. They are easily punctured, vibrate more, fatigue more often, and are subject to greater weld failure. They are a poor material choice for engines that vibrate as much as a Lambretta can.

Fiberglass tanks are sort of between the steel and aluminum. They are a medium weight and again, provide no impact resistance whatsoever. They are easier to shape and mold to fit the available space but are prone to cracking. They also can suffer the effect of Ethanol and can swell up like a sponge if the interior gel coating cracks.

The Lambretta Lifetime Long Range tank has a 12 liter capacity designed for long range touring or highly tuned, high performance engines where fuel economy is below standard. Gone too are the days of worrying over your fuel tank developing rust and corrosion. Using the correct methods, these tanks can be painted and customized just as you would with any modern plastic automotive bodywork.

Mounting is very simple and easy with the included hardware plus upper and lower dampening buffers providing a solid and secure tank. Generously sized cutouts on either side allow easy access, smoothly routed cables, and fit even the largest of carburetors.

Advantages of the Lifetime Tank:

• Impact resistant (near impossible to puncture)
• Rust resistant (no metal to corrode)
• Ethanol resistant (will not break down or swell)
• Light weight (quite possibly the lightest available)
• Easy installation
• DOT/CARB standards compliant
• 12 liter capacity
• No welds to fail
• Superior value

Part Number
BGM BGM200001

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