BGM PRO tubeless wheel rim 2.10-10", aluminium- Vespa, Silver

BGM PRO tubeless wheel rim 2.10-10", aluminium- Vespa, Silver
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Robust aluminium wheel rim by BGM PRO made by FA Italia. This wheel rim in aluminium allows you to mount tubeless tires, which are usually used in the motorcycle sector, and replaces the genuine rim without any modifications necessary.

  • 40% weight reduction
  • More safety thanks to the double hump
  • Improved responsiveness of the suspensions
  • Good concentricity
  • Easy mounting
  • Attractive design

Compared to the Vespa PX genuine steel wheel rim, the BGM PRO rim is 600g lighter. Since you do not need to mount a tube-type tire, you will have about 370g less. The unsprung weight is reduced by almost 1kg for each axis (over 64%). The responsiveness of the suspensions improves noticeably.

Thanks to the double hump in the rim well the tire always bonds to the rim safely. Like for the most recent run flat technology in the automotive sector, if the tire is punctured for instance by a nail, it loses air but slowly and without sliding from the rim well. The tire continues to support the vehicle’s weight and this allows you to keep control of the vehicle. The wheel rim also features cutouts between the mounting points. The cooling of the brake is improved.

The rim features a offset of 2.5mm on the left side. If both aluminium rims are mounted the offset will be compensated and it will be imperceptible during the ride. 
The rim has no homologation mark and no road approval.

Tubeless tires (TL) only. Please do not mount tube-type (TT) tires.

The item includes six high cap nuts (chromed, SW12) as well as a screwed on metal valve (M8x1.25mm). Wheel rim weight 900g.

PLEASE NOTE: All tubeless 10 inch rims for Vespa and Lambretta do not comply with the ETRTO standards. The diameter of the rim center is larger and during the assembly the tire cannot fit completely into the dop center. Manual assembly (with a mounting lever) is very complex since the bead is under stress. 
The assembly of the tire should therefore be made by a technician with appropriate tools (tire mounting machine).

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