Casa Performance cylinder stud set

Casa Performance cylinder stud set
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Set of 4 x special cylinder barrel studs with recessed, flat sides for fitment. 

These studs are particular in that they have two opposing recessed flat edges to take a 7mm spanner. This makes them much easy to fit than conventional studs, with either the double-nut method or with a stud fitting tool. Simply use an open ended 7mm spanner to wind them into place, with no fuss or messing about. 

They are made high tensile and also surface treated making them extremely resistant indeed. Each stud is about 5 threads longer than an equivalent standard length stud therefore also making them perfect for certain tuning kits such as TS1, SS, RB etc. The actual thickness of the studs is 7.95mm.

As is the norm for all CP products, we have tested these for over a year, in all manner of engine configurations from bog standard LIs through to race tuned SS225 motors and the results have been excellent.

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Casa Performance X6/H

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