Ducati 'Firefly' 12v 90w electronic ignition kit for 'smallframe' Lambretta models

Ducati 'Firefly' 12v 90w electronic ignition kit for 'smallframe' Lambretta models
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‘Ducati Energia’ is a name that is synonymous with Lambretta from day one as they supplied the main part of all original ignition systems for Innocenti Lambretta production. This is your guarantee for quality when it comes to the new Ducati Firefly 12V electronic ignition that Casa Performance has designed, developed, tested and manufactured together with the Ducati Energia technicians.

This is the only GENUINE ignition to carry the Ducati name for J Range and Luna Line smallframe Lambretta models. They really are plug ‘n’ play with absolutely everything included for super-easy fitment. NO MODIFICATIONS ARE NEEDED TO FIT THIS KIT TO YOUR ENGINE.

The ignitions give a real 90W for fantastic lighting, even at low revs such as when you’re riding around town. The Firefly kits are also fitted with a unique aluminium HiFlow fans by Casa Performance as standard, so no plastic fans breaking up with these beauties. Tested to the extreme by the Casa Performance crew, the results have been above and beyond all our expectations. 

If you put the emphasis on quality and want the best ignition there is for your smallframe Lambretta, look no further. The Firefly kit will fit any Lambretta J50, Cento, J125 3-speed, J125 Starstream 4-speed, Super Starstream, Lui 50C / CL, Lui 75, Vega 75 or Cometa / Lubematic 75cc scooter.

The kit consists of the following components:

1  x  electronic flywheel 

1  x  CNC HiFlow fan

3  x  screws to fit HiFlow fan to the flywheel

1  x  12V 90W stator plate

1  x  special flywheel nut + washer

1  x  HT cable

/  x  selection of electric terminals + covers

1  x  rubber boot protection cover for CDI coil unit

1  x  rubber protection cover for HT cable

1  x  flywheel holding tool

1  x  CDI coil

1  x  current regulator 

2  x  brackets for mounting the CDI + current regulator (for Luna Line models only)

Part Number
Casa Performance X806

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