BGM Sport: 3.5x10 tube type tire 59S

BGM Sport: 3.5x10 tube type tire 59S
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Tires are indisputably one of the most important components of our scooters. It establishes the contact to the road and is therefore not only responsible for safety but also for the fun of driving. The aim was to develop a tire that you can use in wet conditions as well as in dry conditions to iron through bends and roundabouts! This, coupled with the speed approvals required for today's engine concepts, left only one way open: a completely new development!

For the performance of a tire, two things are crucial: the rubber compound and the construction of the tire. The bgm tires here are designed without any compromises and produced in Germany. All innovations of the last years from the tire technology have been incorporated into our tires. The specially adapted material mixture with a high silica compound ensures excellent grip in dry and wet conditions. The extremely stable carcass ensures perfect straight-line stability and excellent line fidelity during rapid cornering. Usually tires are simply molded from one layer of rubber. The bgm tires are much more complex to produce and consist of several layers of rubber to create the perfect tire that meets the highest requirements and has the highest speed rating on the market.


  • Releases up to 180 km/h (Sport) and up to 150 km/h (Classic) are ideal for high performance engines and corresponding registrations
  • Additional REINFORCED marking.
  • Extremely strong carcass for perfect straight line stability and excellent line fidelity during fast cornering.
  • V shape instead of U shape. The tire steers much better into the curve and offers more contact area when leaning.
  • Specially adapted material compound (Silica Compound ) for excellent grip in dry and wet conditions.
  • 100 % Made in Germany.

The bgm Sport tire is the right choice for all sporty ambitious drivers. Thanks to the superior rubber compound and sophisticated tread design, it can handle any situation. The release up to 180 km/h makes it definitely the first choice for all powerful engine concepts.

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