BGM PRO Superstrong rear brake cable: grey

BGM PRO Superstrong rear brake cable: grey
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Complete BGM PRO rear brake cable with strong Ø3mm inner cable diameter (factory specification Innocenti) and pressed-on cable holder on the outer shell.


ex works the original cable often has play in the abutment, which means that it is not exactly at an angle to the cable stop.

It is only pulled into position by the increased tension during braking.

This eats up a good part of the braking performance and unnecessarily increases the working travel at the brake pedal.


The BGM PRO Superstrong outer casing has a fixed pressed-on abutment for the engine block side.

The cable casing is thus already properly guided in the cable stop of the engine.

The working travel is shortened, the response and the feedback of the brake are significantly improved.

BGM PRO wire rope hoists meet the factory specification and impress with their high quality at a low price. All hoists have vehicle-specific lengths and can therefore be installed directly without reworking. Special attention was paid to high-quality details such as double-pressed end sleeves, burr-free nipples or tinned wire ends. Installation is therefore quick and easy.

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