Casa Performance kick start piston gear pin

Casa Performance kick start piston gear pin
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  • Brand: Casa Performance
  • Product Code: J201329
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Tags: Casa Performance kick start piston gear pin, J201329, 19030016, X249c

This peg screws into the side of your kickstart piston and is engaged by the mechanism that pushes the piston out. It is quite a high wear item as it takes the brunt of the force when you kickstart your scooter. This pin and the piston should be checked every time you open your engine case.

Special Casa Performance screw for internal kickstart sliding piston with allen key to facilitate the assembly, this article has the same measures as the standard.

Made of steel and subsequently heat treated for encrease resistance to friction with the return cam.

The version with larger diameter is also available (X249CXL) to solve the problem of interference between the sliding piston and first gear.

Sliding piston in the pic is not included.

Part Number
Casa Performance X249c
Innocenti 19030016

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