SIP tubeless wheel rim: Vespa silver 2.50x10

SIP tubeless wheel rim: Vespa silver 2.50x10
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Road legal on the road! SIP has obtained the General Type Approval (ABE) for the tubeless rims. Therefore, they will carry the KBA type symbol and can therefore be legally used on German roads. Innovation in style, technology and safety.

With the new SIP 2.0 Tubeless rim, tires can be ridden without an inner tube. In case of damage, a sudden loss of air is prevented, the air pressure drops slowly. Burst tubes are a thing of the past. Even a valve rupture or a flat tire due to the inner tube becoming trapped are a thing of the past. The design as a tubeless double hump rim prevents the tire from sliding into the rim bed in case of air loss.

High manufacturing precision and quality

Exact concentricity

Perfect surface finish & pre-mounted valve

Also available with pre-mounted tire

The advantages of the SIP rim at a glance

2.50-10, the ideal size for 100'80 and 100'90 tires

Compared to the 2.10 inch rim, the rim has a minimal, but negligible, left-sided track offset. If the rim is used on both front and rear wheels, there is no offset. Then there is only a minimal eccentricity. All tires from 3.00/3.50 to 100/90-10 fit on this rim.

Fits all 10" brake drums, including PX'98 star brake drums and GRIMECA disc brake drums.

With cut-out for the ABUS rim lock.

With ABE

SIP has been successfully verified by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority and is therefore officially authorized to manufacture vehicle components. SIP has received the General Type Approval (ABE) for the rim SIP 81011. Therefore, the rims bear the type symbol KBA 53463 and can thus be legally used in German road traffic. The chrome version also comes with a KBA number. It is the first and well-known chrome rim for Vespa with homologation. The current version of the ABE can be found in the downloads. Before buying, please check whether the ABE is valid for the desired vehicle.

The SIP 2.0 rim - more than just a facelift

The SIP rims have been continuously developed over the years. The SIP 2.0 tubeless rim is now an upgrade of the proven Vespa rims.

New, elegant design with symmetrical tire bed flanks

Harmonious and matching brake drum marking pockets on the inner side

Enlarged mounting well for even easier and more comfortable tire mounting.


The clearance to mounted and engine parts should be checked before commissioning. Many tube type (TT) tires may also be used as tubeless (TL) tires. Mounting should be carried out by a specialist company, carefully and without damage (mounting irons and a suitable mounting surface are strongly recommended). Do not damage the surface under any circumstances! Tires should only be mounted with the tire mounting paste intended for this purpose. Never use oil or other lubricants, otherwise the tire will lose its secure fit during operation! If you fear mounting problems, you can also order the rim with pre-mounted SIP Performer, Michelin, Continental or Schwalbe tires. We recommend the use of a high-quality original brake drum, as the stud bolts on replicas are sometimes positioned incorrectly, which means that the rim cannot be mounted correctly on the drum.

Part Number
SIP 81011700

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