Intake manifold for Dellorto PHBL clamp on carbs.

Intake manifold for Dellorto PHBL clamp on carbs.
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Newly redesigned and precision cast, this intake manifold fits Dellorto PHBL clamp on carbs and is our recommended choice for any cylinder sized 150cc and up. This unique design allows the PHBL carb to sit closer to the engine than commonly used rubber mount carbs such as the PHBL 25mm and allows the use of the stock air box and air hose without fouling on the side panels. Yes, other rubber mount manifolds claim one can use the stock air hose and box as well, but they still have clearance issues and also put the air hose at such an extreme angle that they wear very quickly. When using our manifold in combination with the PHBL 24mm solid mount carb and GP125 air hose, you end up with a modern replacement carb that looks completely stock yet you gain the performance a modern carb provides.

This manifold is one size fits all featuring a slotted rear mount to accommodate small block or large block stud patterns. The manifold comes matched to 175cc inlet.

Proudly designed and manufactured here in the USA and the state of Colorado.

Some trimming to the cylinder shroud may be required and the scoop on some cylinder shrouds may have to be removed or altered. New shrouds are available that are ready to fit.

Every manifold is checked for fitment but due to the several different types of cylinders the manifold may come into contact with a cooling fin and may have to be filed or the fin will need to be shortened to clear the manifold. There is an "X" marked on the manifold where the issue may be. Always check that the manifold sits flat against the cylinder or you will have an air leak.

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