About Us/Services

Casa Lambretta North America is a FULL service shop. Not only do we scour the earth to find the best quality parts available, we also offer the best service available. Everything that goes out our door is intended to reflect the high standards that we place on what we sell and the craftsmanship we provide. We treat each part and service item as if it were our own. All in house service is charged a shop rate of $60 per hour.

Jon Kroge is one of the top Lambretta mechanics in the world and provides an almost encyclopedic knowledge of all things Innocenti from his apprenticeship under Vittorio Tessera at Casa Lambretta in Italy. We work on all models of vintage Lambretta and Vespa.


We have precision jigs available for both front forks and frames. To ship your fork or frame for service it is less costly for you if they are both completely stripped. If you also intend for us to rebuild your forks, then please include all fork internals and we can evaluate whether any of those parts can be reused. Even the most mangled forks take about an hour to straighten. Most take about 30 minutes if sent to us stripped. Rebuild time is extra as are new parts.


We only offer complete and total rebuilds/restorations on any engine that passes through our shop. Contrary to way many shops service engines, we will not simply put new bearings and seals in an engine and call it good or only swap out the crankshaft when you have been told the rest of the engine should be good (ran when parked). When your engine is received, it is completely stripped with every component thoroughly inspected for wear with determinations made on usable life. At that point we can go over a list with you of all parts that will need to be replaced, upgrades desired, performance, reliability, finishes, etc. Our goal is to essentially provide you with a new engine as good or better than what would have rolled off the factory floor. All engines are tested in ride-able test bikes until your engine performs to our standards. Video documentation is provided of your engine running and riding before shipping to you.


Stripped threads? Cracked headset or engine case? We can fix that and just about any damage possible. Of course your safety is our utmost concern over preserving originality. If a part is deemed to be damaged beyond what is wise we will advise you of that and recommend suitable replacement parts. While you could take your vintage part to any number of machine shops, we are experts in the different pot metals and aluminum used in almost all castings used over the years. These parts can often have a different blend of metals that sometimes frustrate other welders and machinists. Plus we are often far cheaper and faster too!


We offer a variety of plating and finishing options for your restorations or even on new parts at very reasonable rates. For engine cases (or other cast parts) your options range from a simple bead blast all the way to a tumbled smooth finish. We offer a simple cleaning in our industrial parts washer, bead blasting, and tumbling as finishing options. Bead blasting (and vapor blasting from others) gives parts a nice even mat finish similar to how parts looks when new from the caster. This finish is fine if you just want a fresh start and something clean to work with. Eventually dirt and oil will quickly start to fill in the pores of the casting and you are back where you started. Tumbling takes things a step further and smooths out all the pores in the casting leaving you with a shinier surface but also one that is far more resistant to dirt and oil build up and is also easy to wipe clean.

For plating options, we offer ceramic coating, powder coating, plating of all kinds (chrome, gold, nickel, zinc, cadmium, etc.), and paint. Ceramic coating is one of our more popular options for manifolds and exhausts. There are several colors to choose from and the silver we use is very close to the original color offered by Innocenti and Piaggio. We plate all our original pieces and hardware in zinc with other options available as well. Nickel plating is common for finally getting that pesky fuel tank to stop corroding forever. Powder coating comes in a dizzying array of color and finish options to choose.

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