What Happened to Jet200?

Did you guys go out of business or something?

Nope! We're still the same people at the same location doing the same thing. We've simply changed our name to strengthen our commitment and relationship with VIttorio Tessera and the Casa Lambretta family. As you may know, Jon apprenticed with Vittorio in Milan and we have been a Casa Lambretta dealer since 2000, first as Casa Lambretta USA, then as Jet200 Performance, and now as Casa Lambretta North America. Our relationship with Italy runs deep and we wanted our name to better reflect what we do best.

What's changing besides the name?

Well, a better website for starters. One that works with all mobile devices and has far more features than ever before. Easier shipping TBD etc et etc

I had an existing order with Jet200, what will happen to that?

Any existing orders will still be fulfilled. We will continue to communicate with you regarding your order status under the Jet200 email address until that order is complete. The same is true for any items in for service at our shop in Denver. Any credit card or PayPal refunds or charges on those existing orders will still appear as Jet200 a full 60 days after they have been fulfilled.

What about my Jet200 account and order history?

We will still have access to all your old accounts and histories. We've made the difficult decision of NOT bringing any existing accounts over to the new website for a few reasons. First, ten years of customer data is simply enough - some of you have made hundreds of orders, for thousands of items, going to several different addresses, and under as many as eight different accounts for the same person! Second,