BGM PRO Superstrong complete clutch for Lambretta: 47 tooth

BGM PRO Superstrong complete clutch for Lambretta: 47 tooth
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BGM PRO Superstrong - the original

The Superstrong clutch combines extreme durability, absolute reliability and easy operation.
It is the basis of every solid engine tuning.
The solid, CNC manufactured clutch basket has an excellent concentric as well as an enormously high torsional stiffness. It thus offers perfect clutch engagement with a clearly defined grinding point and clean cutting. It is suitable for the touring rider who values high quality, as well as the ambitious racer who is looking for an extremely resilient and stable clutch.

The clutch is delivered ready for installation and is tuned for a power range up to approx. 20PS / 25Nm by means of the mounted soft clutch springs (BGM8010W). Reinforced springs, which are available separately, extend the power range of the clutch to over 40 HP. Available are the spring types:

  • BGM8010W - soft (k=4,7N/mm)
  • BGM8010L - medium (k=6,8/mm)
  • BGM8010F - hard (k=13,8/mm)

The bgm Pro Superstrong replaces the conventional clutch type as used throughout the Lambretta LI vehicle family. Therefore suitable for Lambretta LI, LI S, SX. TV (Series 2-3), DL/GP models.

All CNC machined parts of the clutch are made of 42CrMo4.

Included in the delivery:

  • CNC rear sprocket with either 46 or 47 teeth
  • CNC clutch spider
  • CNC pressure plate
  • Adapter to use the pressure plate with both Li/SX and DL/GP engine covers
  • CNC machined cover plate with shoulder to ensure sufficient air between cover plate and kickstart shaft
  • six clutch plates
  • five 1.5 mm steel discs
  • Ten clutch springs, BGM8010W (k=4.7N/mm, soft)
  • bgm PRO clutch bushing

The clutch pressure plate and the spider can also be used with all other five and six disc clutch pinions. As long as the pinions are within the Innocenti tolerances, it will fit without reworking the parts. With such combinations, the projection of the clutch spider should be checked in particular.

TIP: Also order an alignment plate for spacing the clutch. This is installed under the coupling pinion and is available in thicknesses of 0.8-1.6 mm. The projection of the BGM hub (clutch spider) to the BGM pinion is within the tolerance range of 0.10mm to 0.12mm.

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