Dellorto PHBL 24mm carburetor kit

Dellorto PHBL 24mm carburetor kit
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  • Brand: Dellorto
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Complete Dellorto PHBL 24mm 2T clamp on carburetor kit recommended for cylinders sized 150cc and up. Bring your Lambretta into the modern age! These are the perfect upgrade for worn out original Dellorto carbs. You get a more modern design, increased performance and reliability - all while looking completely stock. A far superior alternative then "upgrading" to a crummy Indian Jetex carb or using old tired technology. Clamps onto one of our custom 24mm inlet manifolds just as originals do and can be used with your air box. We also carry a full selection of jets and spares. This kit includes everything you need to get started except for additional idle and main jets. The stock jetting works best with most people ending up with a main jet size of around 100. We swap the needle to D29 as this works for most but the stock D22 can also work. Very easy to dial in.

Stock jetting is as follows:

·         40 Slide

·         D28 Needle

·         264AQ Atomizer

·         100 Main jet

·         50 Idle jet

·         60 Choke jet

·         200 Needle valve

·         9010.1 Float - 9.5 grams

Complete kit includes: Dellorto 24mm PHBL carburetor, precision cast custom intake manifold and gasket, choke cable conversion, 90 degree elbow, throttle cable inner, fuel line, GP 125 air hose and clamps, all needed mounting hardware.


NOTE: If installing on a Serveta with the air filter located in the toolbox, you may use the stock air hose and ask to omit the GP 125 air hose that is included with this kit.

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