Vape electronic ignition kit, DC for: GP,DL

Vape electronic ignition kit, DC for: GP,DL
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Vape electronic ignition kit, DC for: LI,TV,S,SX, Serveta 


The VAPE 12Volt ignition system is the perfect choice for those who want to take their Lambretta to a new level of performance. Manufactured by the renowned European manufacturer VAPE, this ignition system is a high-quality component that ensures reliable and powerful performance. Perfect for a contemporary conversion to a contactless ignition and bright light even at low revs. Easy engine start included.

Contactless ignition

Extremely reliable

Bright light already at idle (80Watt already at 2000rpm)

12Volt with 110Watt light output (at 6000U/min)

CNC milled aluminum fan wheel

Pole wheel + fan wheel balanced

DC on-board power supply

High cooling capacity

Ignition adjustment without flashbulb/strobe

High quality materials with perfect workmanship

Laser marked components for clear identification

Printed installation instructions (DE/EN)

100% Made in Europe by VAPE


VAPE ignition is a modern ignition system including alternator. Completely made in Europe (Czech Republic) from high quality materials, every single ignition is 100% function tested. The resulting reliability is legendary, which also makes it ideal for performance engines. VAPE ignitions are already firmly established for decades in the moped / motorcycle sector and especially in the Simson range can no longer be imagined without.


The VAPE replaces the complete contact ignition 100% and brings at the same time a modern and powerful 12Volt alternator. The strong permanent magnets of the one-piece pole wheel allow a high ignition current even at low engine speeds as well as a bright light at idle. The engine thus starts much better, since the high ignition current also increased resistance (eg an oily spark plug or too much gasoline in the crankcase) easily compensated.

The significantly higher light output, even at low speeds, gives an additional thick safety plus in traffic. In addition, the ignition is forever maintenance-free.

Never again adjust contacts, never again replace a capacitor. Just drive when you want to.


The VAPE ignition is supplied by us with a CDI with so-called static ignition timing. In contrast to the four-stroke, two-strokes do not require dynamic adjustment due to the gas dynamic effects in the combustion chamber. The required ignition angle remains almost linear, despite increasing engine speed, due to the mixture burning through faster and faster. Only absolute racing engines, whose usable speed range only begins above 6000 rpm, may benefit from an adjustment. For almost all scooter engines operated on the road, however, a dynamic ignition timing is rather disadvantageous. The high ignition angle in the lower range makes the engine run rough and out of round, the ignition angle decreasing with increasing engine speed is often rather performance reducing. For these reasons we use a CDI with static ignition timing. This harmonizes perfectly with series engines as well as strongly performance-increased engines. Our VAPE ignition can of course be equipped with a dynamically adjusting CDI.


A great feature of our VAPE ignition is the fact that it is set without the so-called 'flash off', so without strobe light. The VAPE conversion ignition system is therefore easy to install and can be mounted without special tools. The installation is therefore no problem at all, even for technically experienced laymen, thanks to our supplied installation instructions (in printed form).

The VAPE ignition always has the same pole wheel (starting from the respective cone matched to the engine, including installation height). It has, as in the original, only one groove for positioning on the crankshaft. A wrong assembly is therefore impossible. The flywheel mass matching the engine concept is produced via the impeller. This has the advantage that the flywheel mass can only be changed by exchanging the impeller. The impeller we deliver is CNC machined from solid aluminum. It fits perfectly to the respective engine type and has an optimized wing geometry. This guarantees the maximum cooling capacity with the best performance. Pole wheel and impeller are meticulously balanced.


The ignition set includes

Ignition base plate


Pole wheel

Fan wheel

DC rectifier

Screw set

Not included in delivery is the respective engine specific CDI holder. Please order this separately (see 'Accessories').


Overall, our VAPE conversion ignition system is a must for anyone who wants to get the most out of their scooter. This ignition system will improve the performance and efficiency of your scooter while increasing reliability and durability. Try our VAPE ignition system and enjoy the spontaneous engine start, the good throttle response, the bright light already at idle and the certainty that this is the perfect investment for countless happy miles on your scooter!

For a durable and trouble-free operation, the VAPE ignition or CDI requires a good ground connection.

Inadequate contact can lead to malfunctions and / or defects.

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