SIP tubeless wheel rim: Lambretta black 2.50x10

SIP tubeless wheel rim: Lambretta black 2.50x10
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Innovation in style, technology and safety. SIP tubeless rims are now also available for Lambretta vehicles in the 2.0 design and in the well-known, excellent quality.

The one-piece SIP aluminium rims have a noticeably better concentricity thanks to high manufacturing precision. The ride is much more stable and smoother, annoying vibrations from the wheels are a thing of the past.

Better concentricity

Higher degree of safety

Less weight

In the case of damage, the double-hump tyre bed prevents sudden loss of air according to modern design guidelines; the air pressure drops slowly. Burst tubes are a thing of the past. Even a valve rupture or a flat tyre due to the inner tube becoming trapped are ruled out. The tubeless aluminium rim comes with a screw-on, pre-assembled valve that is long enough to be inflated even with British inflators. The finish of the CNC machined surface is perfect. Newly designed pockets and contours make the 2.0 rim generation easily recognisable by its harmonious design. Various colour variations are available, and even an electroplated chrome finish. The original stud bolts in the brake drums are replaced with longer stud bolts (left-hand thread) specially manufactured by SIP. The longer stud bolts are included in the delivery of the rims. Detailed fitting instructions are available on the SIP homepage.

2.10 or 2.50 inch width

The SIP Performance Lambretta tubeless rims are available in 2 widths. 2.10 is the standard width of Lambretta rims. 2.50 inch is standard on e.g. Cosa or automatic models. This allows wider tyres to be fitted safely. Note: the 2.50 rim is not compatible with all disc brakes. On some makes there is not much space between the brake caliper and the rim. Too little for the use of a wider rim. However, there are also makes whose combination is problem-free.

The following tyres can be combined with a 2.10 or 2.50 inch rim:

2.10 with





2.50 with






4 or 8 wheel studs

The original Lambretta rim is bolted to 4 studs. For the rear wheel, however, brake drums with 8 wheel studs can be fitted. These are designed to provide greater strength. We offer Lambretta rims that can be mounted on either 4 or 8 studs.

Conclusion: Innovative rim in classic design. Noticeably smoother running and improved handling. Wider choice of tyre types available. Precise workmanship, high quality finish and modern safety level. This product has successfully passed our long distance and endurance test!

Note: Clearance to mounted and engine parts should be checked before use. Many tube type (TT) tyres may also be used as tubeless (TL) tyres. Mounting should be carried out by a specialist company, carefully and without damage (mounting irons and a suitable mounting surface are strongly recommended). Do not damage the surface under any circumstances! Tyres should only be mounted with the tyre mounting paste intended for this purpose. Never use oil or other lubricants, otherwise the tyre will lose its secure fit during operation!


Part Number
SIP 83066000

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