Casa Performance Black-line Radial cylinder head and complete piston kit for TS1

Casa Performance Black-line Radial cylinder head and complete piston kit for TS1
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This kit is new Blackline kit designed as a high-quality upgrade for all  TS1 225cc engines. We have already seen that the Casa Performance SS225 pistons made by Meteor have been used with great success in TS1225 engines but their use required the cylinder head to be re-profiled, as our pistons use a different crown curvature. This kit consists of a Casa Performance piston kit (with a choice of size Grades and compression heights) and a specially machined cylinder head that perfectly matches our specifically-made Meteor piston. The combustion chamber is much more efficient than other alternative heads on the market and the superb radial fin pattern offers incredible cooling.

We have also looked into resolving the age-old problem of the TS1 head not aligning up internally with the cylinder bore. The kit comes supplied with 2 cylindrical steel bushes designed to slide over 2 of the engines 4 barrel studs and the cylinder head in the kit is accordingly recessed to accommodate these. Simply drill down into the barrel 5mm with a 10mm drill bit in the two appropriate stud holes (see pics) and the bushes will then locate the head perfectly central with the cylinder bore. A simple and effective solution to an age-old problem. 

If you want the best piston there is on the market for your TS1225 and a top-quality cylinder head with amazing cooling characteristics, then look no further as there is only one choice - and this is it. 

Only one available, grade C with 39mm compression heights.


Part Number
Casa Performance X502a

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