Crankshaft / Layshaft spacer shim: 1.0mm

Crankshaft / Layshaft spacer shim: 1.0mm
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  • Brand: MB Scooters
  • Product Code: J202209
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  • $4.00

Tags: Crankshaft / Layshaft spacer shim: 1.0mm, J202209, MB Developments

This is a special crank shim made by MB Developments to fit on the crankshaft between the crank and drive bearing, it will space the crank away from the drive plate which sometimes can catch. Or replace the drive side seal plate with the type we sell and be done with it. It also will space up the layshaft if fitted between the layshaft and bearing to tighten the main gear shim if there is a miss match of parts.

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